Tesla Model 3 Release, News, Update: Rival Volkswagen ID Electric Car [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Oct 15, 2016 08:30 AM EDT | Johanna Vanessa Anasco

The 2020 concept car from Volkswagen breaks all electric car stereotypes. The exteriors reflect a truly compact car that is perfect for the city. However, this doesn't compromise its interiors at all. It is even considered the next threat to the Tesla Model 3.

It has an extremely spacious interior and boot space. There are also a few noticeable features that make the Volkswagen electric car truly stand out. It will truly make the Tesla Model 3 run for its money.

What to expect from this electric car?

It is based on a modular electric floor plan. This was according to Thomas Tetzlaff from Volkswagen Canada. The car is designed from ground-up to be fully electric. The car has a very compact feature. It will definitely leave a small footprint. It is a surprise, however, that the EV has very generous interior space.

Enter, The Volkswagen I.D Concept

It is similar to the "Apple ID" concept. However, the Volkswagen ID concept is meant to ID or identify its drivers. Autogehful's correspondent during the 2016 Paris Auto Show has explained it further, watch the video.

How long does it take to fully charge this EV?

Tetzlaff disclosed that the EV can also reach 80 percent of energy capacity in just thirty minutes. It is expected to charge 100 percent in less than an hour. On the other hand, Tesla's "Supercharge" system claims it can fully charge their EVs in less than half an hour at around 20 minutes.

How much is the Volkswagen Electric Car?

Volkswagen has announced that the target selling price will start at $30,000. A few bucks cheaper than Tesla Model 3's price. It will be hard to determine if Nissan's Leaf next edition will be cheaper. However, it's base model the Leaf S cost around $29,860.

What is the range of the Volkswagen Electric Car?

In just one charge the EV can reach from 400 to 600 kilometers or 248 to 372 miles. It is twice the range yield of its Tesla name. The range of the Tesla Mode 3 is estimated to be around 215 miles per charge.

The Tesla Model 3 has set the standard in the production of mass-produced EVs. Volkswagen's ID car concept is just less than a half-decade of being release. Tesla Model 3 must do something to maintain its lead. Its competitors are obviously catching up and learning from their mistakes.

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