Ferrari Rules Out Electric Cars, Will Rely On Hybrids Instead To Keep The Ferrari Growl Going

Oct 05, 2016 10:12 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal

Ferrari has stated they won't be going for pure electric power trains to power its forthcoming speed machines. Instead, its hybrid technology that the sports car manufacturer would be exploring further to ensure they comply with the more stringent emission norms that will be effective starting 2020.

So instead of crazy V10 or V12s, the strategy Ferrari has adopted is to downsize their engines while including an electric motor as well in the scheme of things, something that they have already done in their F1 ventures.

This is quite a reversal of sorts to what other automakers are up to at the moment. Some of the biggest names out there such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen and BMW have already spelt out their future car strategy and its all pure electricity. However, while EVs have their obvious advantage, it being instant torque and of course absolutely zero emissions, it does come with its own weight disadvantage.

Further EVs are also completely silent, which makes it seem as if someone might have pressed a hypothetical mute button. While that can make the in-cabin atmosphere nice and serene, that's the last thing that hardcore speed maniacs would ever like to relate to. And that, according to Car And Driver is another solid reason that Ferrari said is forcing them to contine with the conventional gasoline engines.

"We are convinced that it's right to have a hybrid car because, for us, the sound is a very crucially important characteristic of a Ferrari, and our customers want to have this," said Michael Leiters, Ferrari CTO.

Sound apart, Ferrari also stated they are working towards negating any weight issues that the hybrid setup might introduce. That said, Ferrari CTO further added they might not have the technology ready as yet but they sure are working on them.

The automaker, however, stopped short of proving any timelines of when a hybrid powered sports car is forthcoming from them or what it would be like. There already is the Ferrari LaFerrari though it comes with a V12 mated to an electric motor. The challenge for the automaker will be to offer the same levels of performance but with a downsized engine.

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