Subaru Recall Takes Effect, 600,000 Units Have Melting Windshield Wiper Motors?

Oct 04, 2016 06:25 AM EDT | Leian N.

Subaru has done it again! Recent reports confirmed that Subaru recall will once again occur not because of defective airbags but because windshield washer motors are melting particularly with respect to the 2010-2014 models of Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy models.

It was just recently that a Subaru recall was initiated due to defective airbags that resulted to the death of at least four people. Coincidentally, another recall is about to commence once again which will affect almost 600,000 vehicles of the company.

As reported by Jalopnik, the Wicked Witch of the West from the movie "Wizard of Oz" may have come to life as Subaru vehicles has started to melt.

According to the report, 2010-2014 Subaru Outback and Subaru Legacy models will be affected by yet another Subaru recall particularly those sold in the U.S. as the windshield washer motors had been reported to be melting.

In fact, the melting caused the motors to overheat as they repeatedly deter into parked position even if snow buildup is holding the wipers out. The overheat was even said to cause a small fire which could gradually cause another disastrous ride for customers.

According to Wavy, the company itself had a hard time figuring out what went wrong with the vehicles as they were already quite burnt during investigations. Due to the said contamination, parts of the wiper motor cover even coincided with each other. If snow or ice would bar the wiper arms to its proper position, the overheat would then occur. Such would leave the wipers inoperative and melt the cover altogether.

The Subaru recall will cause dealerships to replace the wiper motor bottom cover at no cost. Stay tuned for more information on when the said implementation would initiate as there have been no confirmation with respect to the exact day, time, and manner.

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