Dodge Viper's Racing Career Ends With The Perfect Bang

Oct 03, 2016 06:54 AM EDT | Leian N.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Gerry Wood Dodge, the company revealed that this year would be the last time the Dodge Viper would be produced. To make the event more special, Gerry and Brad Woof, the representatives of the dealership, made specifications for each 135 units ordered to make it a distinct model - one which the avid vans of the franchise would remember the automobile by - an instant classic.

Winning races such as the most recent Petit le Mans competition in No. 33, the legendary Dodge Viper saw the last of its IMSA race last Saturday. Drivers Marc Miller, Ben Keating and Jeroen Bleekemolen rode the Gas Monkey Garage Dodge Viper GT3-R to its final appearance in the event.

As reported by Motor Sport, the Dodge Viper has won eight IMSA GT Daytona races for the last three seasons. Keating being the principal of the and a Viper model retailer, revealed that he was pleased to have been given the opportunity to ride a Viper. In fact, the racer attested that he has had an emotional experience riding the model in IMSA, describing it as a "really special" concurrence.

Being its last performance into the race, Marc Miller, on the other hand, also considered riding the Dodge Viper as his hardest and most challenging ride as a professional race car driver. In fact, during the recent race, he claimed to have been dehydrated as he had to endure "no-air condition" racing and had to endure "no water" for the last two hours."

The drivers felt that the last race of the Dodge Viper was going to be a memorable experience that they bagged the win at IMSA. Furthermore, the Dodge Viper has to say goodbye to production as well.

As reported by Salisbury Post, 2017 is the last year the Dodge Viper will be produced. Gerry and Brad Wood, two of the representatives for the Gerry Wood Dodge dealership, ordered their last 135 units.

To make the model's farewell in the automobile industry, the representatives revealed that they made specifications to the units to make it distinct and unique.

They also added that when the Dodge Viper was confirmed to cease production, they felt obliged to create the best units yet for their customers and to make the model's legacy remain an instant classic.

As the automobile industry bid farewell to the legendary Dodge Viper who is now on its last year in the IMSA race track and production, drivers and dealerships honor the make and model by winning competitions this season and created customized units for avid fans to remember it as an instant classic.

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