First Nissan Leaf In Canada Flawlessly Breaks Five-Year Mark

Oct 03, 2016 05:50 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Close on the heels of reports of a Tesla Model S making it past the magical 200,000 mileage mark in just over a year, here is another story of a Leaf that has crossed over 100,000 kms though over a longer 5-year period.

The Canadian owner of the particular Nissan Leaf is however thoroughly satisfied with the way his Leaf performed over the years and intends to continue with the same, mentioned Green Car Reports. For the records, Nissan range of EVs has accumulated a combined total of over more than 2.5 billion kms since the five years that they have been in existence.

Speaking to The Globe and Mail, Ricardo Borba, who first took delivery of his Leaf back on Sept. 23, 2011, said the battery has degraded by 19 percent on his Leaf. This is also being considered to be in line with Nissan's expectation though for comparison's sake, the Model S that has clocked twice the mileage in just a year has gone for just 6 percent battery loss.

Borba also stated the cold Canadian climates hasn't had much of an effect on his Leaf but suggested pushing charging times closer to when the car will need to be driven to increase battery efficiency. Borba also said he saved on battery charge by using the Nissan Leaf's app to pre-heat the car's cabin while it is still on charge. This way, users will be saved from having to do the same later on using battery power. This Borba said is especially applicable to those who park their cars outside.

Among other tips Borba shared for saving battery includes using low rolling resistance winter tires, maintaining the right tire pressure and so on. Brushing show off the roof of the car also helped Borba reduce drag and hence add to the range.

Borba meanwhile also stated driving a Leaf over the last five years led to him saving roughly about $10,700 in fuel and maintenance costs. He also owns a Chevy Volt which he uses for longer trips and has also reserved a Model 3 as well. Borba though stated he has also gone on capming trips with his Leaf.

However, with him being extremely satisfied with the Leaf, and the Volt serving as the vehicle of choice for outstation trips, it will be interesting to see whether he opts for an all-electric range comprising of a Leaf and Model 3 or prefers the hybrid Volt and the Model 3 while disposing off of the Leaf.

In fact, it could be difficult choice for Borba considering that the Model 3 is still some way off - not expected to enter production before end-2017 while deliveries in Canada could still be some way off that - there are a few enticing options that's becoming available in between. Those include the new Chevy Bolt as well as a new Leaf that will have greater range than its predecessor.

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