BMW X2 Coupé-Crossover Debuts At Paris; Sets To Compete With Range Rover Evoque

Oct 01, 2016 04:02 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe


One of the surprise showcases of the Paris Motor Show is the BMW X2 concept. Many car aficionados expected BMW to resurrect the 5 Series but instead, a sporty coupé-crossover resembling the X1 and X4 model  debuted impress audiences with its design.

A Future SUV Par Excellence

Despite many offerings and the latest innovations available, the SUV segment is still the most sought-after and impressive showcase at this year's Paris Motor Show. The BMW X2 is one of the most eye-catching vehicles at the event.

The BMW X2 manages to combine the sporty look of a coupe with the powerful print design featured in the X range of BMW. The two-tone body paintwork is also truly impressive. It draws attention to the entire front which is long and low and with a clear sporty approach, thanks to the huge double grill and a lower air side.

Although compared with the X4, one can say that the fall or the final cut is much more vertical and looks more like the X1. The show car differs from the five-door X1 though by using a much more aggressively raked windscreen, giving the X2 a cab-back, long-bonnet silhouette. Wheel arches on the side and the rear also makes the car sportier plus the 21-inch wheels in contrasting red color is a perfect finish for the car.

Too Few To See

Although many people are already anticipating details about the BMW X2, the truth is that we can not say anything more. Because this concept has no interior information nor engine details yet. Simply it is a design exercise to assess the public's reaction that will come to the Parisian fair before BMW finally raised it in the mass market.

If we take into account the time BMW works in developing their models and trading, it is very likely that we will see the final version of this prototype by 2017, with the vehicle entering the market by the end of that year. With the arrival of BMW X2, BMW would now complete its range of body SUV, offering different sizes, and endless possibilities to suit the demands of the SUV market.

The X2’s main rivals will be the forthcoming Audi Q4 and Mercedes-Benz’s GLA crossovers, along with the Range Rover Evoque.

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