5 Reasons The Model Y Might Be Tesla's Most Important EV Ever

Sep 30, 2016 05:58 AM EDT | Fritz Flores

Telsa Opens New Flagship Store In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - AUGUST 10: A Tesla Model S is displayed inside of the new Tesla flagship facility on August 10, 2016 in San Francisco, California. Tesla is opening a 65,000 square foot store, its largest retail center to date. The facility will offer sales and service of Tesla's electric car line.
(Photo : Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Anticipation for the release of Tesla's first mass-produced electronic vehicle Model 3 is still at an all-time high. But despite the attention that the Model 3 is getting, other "Teslavangelistas" are quite smitten with the release of another model from the acclaimed EV brand.

This time around, attention is directed towards the arrival of the Tesla Model Y. Ever since CEO Elon Musk briefly teased Model Y during Tesla's Q2 report, fans have been as keen as detectives in unlocking more insider information as to what this model is going to be.

Just like what they say, the hype is indeed real.

To add up to the excitement, here are five reasons as to why Model Y will be Tesla's most important EV launch ever.

  1. "S3XY" is finally back - Tesla has always been aiming to bring "s3xy" back and that is finally coming along with the arrival of Model Y. This winning branding strategy from the innovative company may have ruffled the feathers of other companies (legally speaking), but that won't stop them from having a line of cars that spell out "S3XY". A little cheesy, but still awesome nonetheless.
  2. The falcon continues to soar - Model Y's arrival also marks the return of the Teslas' trademark Falcon Wings doors which have been renowned for its capability to provide extensive accessibility and comfort to its passengers.
  3. It's a compact SUV - This where the big difference between the Model 3 and Model Y comes into place. Model 3 is a Sedan while Model Y has been described as a "compact SUV". In this configuration, Tesla panders into the needs of consumers who have recently shown preference to SUVs over sedans.
  4. It's relatively cheaper - Tesla's first SUV, the Model X albeit being awesome, was quite a fortune clocking at around $100,000 in terms of cost. For Model Y, the company looks at selling the EV in a price that isn't a burden financially, hence it being mass-produced.
  5. It will prepare Tesla for the competition to come - With Tesla's runaway success in the EV business, a lot of companies have been eyeing on entering the market as well, according to Business Insider. Companies like Volvo, Volkswagen, and Mercedes Benz have already laid out their plans but while they haven't caught up with Tesla, expanding their array of EVs would be a favorable strategy for Tesla to help them remain on top.

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