Android vs iOS: 5 Features Apple Needs To Offer To Match Google's Mobile OS

Sep 28, 2016 04:48 AM EDT | Eve C.


There is a tight competition between Android and iOS when it comes to the title for the better operating system. Despite the claims that Apple has the advantage due to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there are reports that Android is a better OS than the iOS.

Well, it certainly appears that the former has a lot more features than the latter if we are basing the abilities of the operating system here. But what are the 5 best features that Apple needs to have to match the Android?

Notably, Google is about to unleash two of their newest products, the Pixel X and the Pixel XL, the company's first self-branded mobile devices. 

Aside from the sudden change, there are rumors that the features will be awesome. Let us take a look at this and other capabilities of Android:

1. The stock Android keyboard- PC World noted that it has long supported gesture typing. Those who would like to try may tap Settings > Language & input > Virtual keyboard > Google Keyboard > Gesture typing

2. Auto battery-saver mode- One of the smarter Android features in the past few years is its Battery saver.  Just go to Settings > Battery > Battery saver. It will turn off all the app that could make your battery empty. 

Note: you can set the battery saver feature when your remaining battery power falls below 15 percent or 5 percent. It will automatically save the battery for you.

3.Turn on 'Do not disturb' for just an hour- Android offers multiple quiet periods through its DND mode unlike the iOS with just one. So Apple needs to develop this feature in the future devices.

4. Clear all app caches and app windows- Yes, Android does this on the mobile devices. just tap Setting > Storage > Cached data to delete all your app caches. On the other hand, you can clear all windows by tapping the X sign at the top right of the window.

5. Quickly switch between your two last used apps- According to the website, the trick to this feature is this: "double-tap the Android multitasking button and Nougat will quickly switch to the app you were using prior to that; double-tap the button again, and you're back where you started."

Catch more about Android Nougat here

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