2017 Volvo Buses To Come Integrated With Pedestrian And Cyclist Detection Tech

Sep 28, 2016 05:00 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal

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Volvo's penchant for vehicle and pedestrian safety is already well known. Recently, the company announced the launch of a new safety initiative to help drivers avoid collisions even more.

All of it involves the installation of cameras on their buses that would serve to keep an eye of any obstacles that might come in the way of the bus. The camera will also be backed by a software specifically developed to respond to situations like a pedestrian or a cyclist coming in the way of the bus and so on.

The driver will be alerted of a potential collision situation using light or sound signals, reported AutoCar. Similarly, the bus's horn too will sound automatically to sound a warning message on the outside, providing them with the chance to get out of harm's way in the process.

"Accidents involving buses and unprotected road users seldom occur, but when they do the consequences may be very serious," Peter Danielsson, director of vehicle features and safety at Volvo Buses said.

"In order to minimise the risks, it is important that drivers and anyone moving around near buses - such as at bus stops and pedestrian crossings - pays close attention to the traffic. In this context, the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System offers excellent support."

The above assumes significance in current times where adoption of zero emission or autonomous electric buses are on the rise and is expected to increase further in future. Since EVs make no sound, those accustomed to the usual road noise often find it hard to detect an oncoming bus.

To solve the issue, Danielsson said they have developed an artificial sound system that would keep other road users alert. The artificial sound will be of low frequency and won't be annoying or disruptive to others, Danielsson assured.

Volvo has vowed none of its vehicles will ever be involved in any road fatalities starting 2020 and has been investing heavily in safety and autonomous driving technologies to achieve that goal.

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