McLaren Goes For Gold: F1 Racing Reign To Start Anew?

Sep 27, 2016 06:45 AM EDT | Claire Ann Austria


This year, McLaren seems to be awakened by the series of global competition that have passed and are still ahead as it opt to bag in gold in F1 racing come 2017.

With a drop of straight four-year zero winning streaks, McLaren had started its year-long preparation through some long-make advancement and planned applications for its super cars. The team's performance for the last four years has been recorded as one of the worse years in its racing career and history. Their last victory was by Jenson Button when the racer unleashes Brazil's podium way back 2012.

Éric René Boullier, McLaren's French motor racing engineer and manager since 2014, answered when asked by an F1 Racing Magazine that his team are ready again to hold the flagship in the world F1 racing. However, this philosophy by Boullier is behind a not-so-good fact that with regulations limiting in-season development. McLaren could no longer engineer their way back to competitiveness if they started the season off the pace.

"We are more than ever ready now to win again. We're an engineering company enjoying engineering challenge. We had to decide on a concept that we believed would be a winning one and develop it over the years, not just months. That is what Red Bull have been doing for seven years, Mercedes for five years. When you take an average of all the races, we are fighting with Ferrari in terms of chassis. Red Bull and Mercedes are better than us, but we are the best of the rest," Boullier added.

The team has a series of various statements describing the strategies of their competitors. On the other side, Fernando Alonso, McLaren's super driver and racer from Spain, is also confident that he is at the right place to bag another championship.

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