Microsoft And Renault-Nissan Joint Venture Confirmed? What This Means For Carmaker

Sep 27, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | Eve C.

Another tech titan is having a partnership with a car company. The Microsoft and Renault-Nissan venture has been confirmed, according to report. But what does that mean for the carmaker?

It appears that technology companies are now testing the waters by jumping into the car industry to expand their business. Tech Crunch reported that Microsoft will help the automaker in developing connectivity services through the power of Azure cloud services.

Since modern technology demands the car industry to be more integrated with high-end specifications and features, the automobile companies need to expand their business as well.

Hence, the partnership of Microsoft and Renault-Nissan is the birth of new technology. The former had already been working with Mercedes-Benz for the "In Car Office."

According to a statement released by both firms, they aim to:

1. Create, secure and transfer driver profiles and settings from one car to another.

2. Support productivity software integration.

3. Provide a route for over-the-air software updates for things like autonomous drive software.

4. Help car owners monitor their vehicles from a distance.

Those were just some of the benefits that car lovers would have for buying future models installed with Microsoft. Since the era of electric and autonomous cars are is starting to rise, the public must be able to use the new technology provided by these companies.

It also appears that Microsoft is beginning to adapt the Artificial Intelligence in their future products. However, Microsoft's Satya Nadella stated that they are not trying to replace humans with A.I.

"We have set ourselves a goal for democratizing AI," Nadella told the crowd during his keynote speech on Monday.

"We are not pursuing AI to beat humans at games, we are pursuing AI to empower every person and every institution we can to build tools with AI," he added, according to Forbes.

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