Lamborghini Considering 4-Door Luxury Sports Sedan If Urus SUV Succeeds, Rules Out Electric Or Autonomous Cars

Sep 26, 2016 08:35 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal

A four dour sedan that seats four and a Lamborghini had never been in the same frame before. However, that is likely to change. Though for that to happen, the company's latest offering - the Urus - has to be a sales success.

The above revelation was made by none other than Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali while speaking to Car Advice. The company had earlier stated they are expecting the Urus to double its sales volume. 

Interestingly, while it is only a successful Urus that can guarantee the launch of a sedan, the company's only four-door sedan concept in recent times, the Estoque had to make way for the Urus in the first place. The Estoque was first unveiled in 2008 and could have shaped up into a stunning V10 powered sports sedan. However, the company eventually led the Urus to prevail given that SUVs are more in demand than power sedans.

Meanwhile, Domenicali further stated the company would remain loyal to the V12, even though there is a marked shift among automakers to go for electric powertrain options. This should also come as a relief to the company's fan base, who had been fearing the end of the road of the famous V12 at Lamborghini in view of the ever tightening emission norms.

"As you know, Lamborghini has a specific car DNA. So, in the short term, I see - for example and to be very specific - the V12 will stay in our car... [for] the super sports car segment,"  Domenicali said.

"Because this is what our customer wants. This is what people ask of us. In any case, there is still a niche in that market that we want to occupy."

Porsche is already working on its Mission E luxury sports sedan, which is expected to be ready by the end of the decade. That is not all as the German sports car manufacturer is also believed to be considering hybrid powertrain for its future sports car range.

True, the V12s are noisy and gas guzzlers though it definitely has a loyal fan following of its own. In contrast, the EVs may be fast movers but are silent, which might not go down well with the hardcore racers for whom the adrenaline rush they go though is directly linked to the speed of their vehicles, as well as the noise made in the process.

Domenicali also stated they would not be toeing the same line as most other automakers are doing at the moment by launching self-driving cars. Rather, Lamborghinis have always been the driver's car and are meant for those who'd like to drive their cars rather than being driven around. So, no autonomous Lamborghini anytime in the future, at least not till Domenicali is at the helm, the CEO proclaimed.

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