Apple Car Project Titan: Top 5 Companies Likely Working WIth iPhone-Maker

Sep 26, 2016 04:00 AM EDT | Eve C.


Apple does not want to stop its progress by producing high-quality mobile and computer devices. The Cupertino-based company is also jumping into producing electric cars, which have been known as the "Project Titan."

Since the firm has not imparted any details about the project, different websites and news outlets have been trying hard to search for the information as many as possible. So far, here are the 5 companies which are likely to be working with the iPhone-maker.

The latest news from Financial Times (via Business Insider) reveals that Apple has been in negotiations with the British automaker, McLaren. The website reported that the tech titan is planning to acquire an existing stake.

This news prompted Apple fans and some business analysts to believe that the company has no capability to build its own Apple car, hence seeking the help of manufacturers. But there are other companies aside from McLaren which Apple might want to build a partnership with.

1. Magna Steyr

Known as the largest manufacturer of vehicles, it is not impossible that Magna will be the top choice for Apple. There have been rumors that it is now working with the tech giant. 

According to the source, Magna Steyr's engineer are now developing the Apple Car in a secret laboratory located in Sunnyvale, CA. They could be Apple's "Tier-1 partner."

2. Mobileye

The readers might recall our news regarding Mobileye and Tesla's separation. But this company has been essential when it comes to developing software and hardware systems that are being installed in autonomous cars.

Apple might make its own self-driving car system, but it is still possible to ask for Mobileye's ways as well.

3. Delphi Automotive

Multinational financial company Morgan Stanley believes that Apple should work with Delphi Automotive for the production of the Apple Cars. "Delphi is one of the few global suppliers that can leverage secular technological shifts in the auto industry to become a 'mega-supplier,'" the company writes.

4. NXP Semiconductors and NVIDIA

NXP Semiconductors is one of the leaders in this field while Nvidia is best known for making graphics cards for gamers. It might be a perfect combination with Apple to produce a high- quality system for the car as well.

5. Tesla

While Tesla made an Apple-inspired electric car, it might be possible that the tech company would like to acquire the whole company. But will CEO Elon Musk agree? 

On the other hand, Investor's Business Daily reported that the Apple Car is moving forward. However, the company, again, did not provide a specific detail about when they are going to launch the electric car.

What is known so far, is that the product may be out before 2020, according to analysts.

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