Hyundai i30 Hot Hatchback Version 'RN30' Revealed Ahead Of Paris Motor Show

Sep 23, 2016 04:23 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

With less than a week to celebrate the Paris Motor Show 2016, Hyundai is revving up! Recently, it announced an important new development, with its 2017 Hyundai i30 and yesterday the car brand released a teaser photo of what will accompany the i30. It is no other than sports version hot hatchback Hyundai N30, the first car from Hyundai’s newly founded "N" performance.

Looking at the teaser photo, the Hyundai N30 aims to take the fight to models such as the SEAT Leon Cupra and the 2017 Peugeot 308 GTI and prepare to be impressed as Albert Biermann, former chief engineer of BMW M, is the head of the sports division of Hyundai, mainly assigned at the development of the Hyundai N30.

Improvements over standard Hyundai i30

The Hyundai RN30, one of the most recent and striking cars to be featured at the Paris Motor Show, will be based on the new generation of Hyundai i30 2017 that was recently revealed. But it will have several areas of improvement over a basic i30 and has an aerodynamic design and specialized high-performance technology, which provides an exciting driving at high speeds.

Based on the teaser photo, a body of three volumes can be seen with marked wheel arches and inspiration in the world of competition with an aspect lower and wider than the new Hyundai i30. Additionally, the RN30 has improve the Hyundai i30 and stiffen the chassis and will also feature an electronic limited-slip differential to reduce understeer.

Other Striking Features

A front splitter, central locking tires, headlamps with LED technology, competition mirrors, interior possibly devoid of all unnecessary, a spoiler and large decorative features Hyundai Motorsport will be seen in the Hyundai RN30. At the moment the engine system is still unknown but rumors has it that an exciting version will incorporate a gasoline engine 2.0 liter, turbocharged and power of about 300 hp.

This rumor sprung up because recently, Hyundai has entered three cars in Nurburgring testing circuit and one of them has this engine which could possibly be the RN30 in testing. Checkout the video below to see its awesome performance at the popular German truck.

An exact price for the Hyundai RN30 hasn’t been confirmed, but Biermann confirmed that it will be offered in two versions when it goes on sale in late 2017: The standard and "performance pack." More details will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show.

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