Toyota Corolla Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Still The World’s Best-Selling Car

Sep 23, 2016 04:22 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

The most popular vehicle in the world, the Toyota Corolla, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, specifically this month. With more than 45 million units sold in over 150 countries, Toyota Corolla continues to expand its brand and eyes to bear the title "best selling car" for more decades to come. Celebrate Corolla's golden moment while looking back and delve into why it has become the legend that it is today.

Corolla's Amazing Figures

The term Corollas was derived from a Latin word, which means small crown. This is definitely not the case with Toyota Corollas as for years, it wears the biggest crown of all and achieved amazing figures in the auto world. Toyota's fame started in the late 90's as more and more countries recognize its potential.

By 1997, it started to become the best selling in the world, with more than 22 million units sold. By 2002, the Corolla is garnering a million annual units sale, a feat no car has ever achieved. In 2013, they broke all the records again as it reach the 40 million units mark. By 2015, sales reach an estimated of 3,670 units per day worldwide, which account to around 1.5 million per year. That's 30 million more than Volkswagen Golf sold and more than 21 million Volkswagen Beetle Original manufactured until today.

Toyota Corolla History

Corolla's history started in 1966, and since then the model has provided to date 11 generations. In some markets, such as Europe or Oceania, hatchbacks and family versions were renamed Auris from 2006, leaving the name Corolla for the sedan variant in the United States the derivative hatchback body is called the Matrix.

Originally born as a rear-wheel drive, it was not until the fifth generation that received front-drive architecture, while the latest versions of propulsion were not eliminated until the arrival of the sixth generation.

The versions that will always remind fans are the AE86 generation of the eighties, the Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno based on the fifth generation model, easily distinguishable by the second retractable lights. The fifth generation, the E80, is also remarkable as it was the first to received the injection system available as an option.

Another remarkable feat is Toyota Corolla's first hybrid option that came in 2013 with the eleventh and current generation. It was based on the Prius C, the smallest variant of the range hybrid Toyota. However, it was only available in Japan.

Key To Success

In all markets Corolla has been synonymous with ruggedness and reliability, one of the generic default choices for customers who simply want a good product. It has never stood out for its design or equipments offered, like their European rivals, however, durability and manufacturing quality have always been foolproof.

At a rate that is soon to reach the half million units sold annually, the Toyota Corolla continues to expand its brand and success that has garnered 50 years. Expect the newly designed 2017 Toyota Corolla to be a huge success! If still in doubt of the Corolla's capabilities, checkout the video to find out why it's one of a kind.

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