World Accidentally Discovers North Korea Only has 28 Websites

Sep 22, 2016 07:24 AM EDT | Julie Bedas


The extremely private and secluded country, North Korea, run by the dictator Kim Jong-un accidentally gave the world a peek into the contents of its world wide web. People were shocked to learn that the country only has a total of 28 websites.

The leak was discovered by security engineer Matt Bryant, according to NPR. The usually hidden sites were revealed to the world when North Korea's top-level nameservers was incorrectly configured and sites under the domain .kp were exposed.

Bryant was working on a GitHub project which requires him and other engineers to continuously make queries on the internet and post them online to keep track on how the Internet works worldwide. GitHub revealed the list of the 28 sites on Tuesday.

To give you a scale on how small the number 28 is in the vast space which is the internet, there are approximately 149.9 million domains that end in country code. There are almost 25 million sites that end in .tk alone, which is the country code of the small island of Tokelau.

The issue has already been fixed by the North Korean government, but not before curious outsiders gained information about the sites. It seems that most of the domains belong to official bodies.

The Guardian reports that the committee for cultural relations and the maritime agency were some of the organizations that has listed sites in NK. The  country's official state news organisations, Pyongyang Broadcasting Service and Rodong Sinmun, also have their individual domains.

It's said that the latest headlines from the official newspaper media, Rodong Sinmun, include "Narcotic-related crimes increase among South Korean youngsters" and "Kim Jong-un sends birthday spreads to veteran scholars".

Most of North Koreans don't have internet access at all. But according to North Korea Tech, there's an intranet available only inside the country's borders, connected by fiber optic cables. Other potentially more sensitive material will remain off-limits as it is impossible for outsiders to hack into the country's exclusive intranet.

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