Lamborghini Working On Vitola Electric Car? Details, Rumored Specs, and More

Sep 20, 2016 09:48 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal

Lamborghini is believed to be actively pursuing the idea of producing a pure electric powered supercar with technology borrowed from Porsche's Mission E concept, a video report from AutoBild claimed.

As stated in the report, the said car, which might be named Vitola, is likely to be based on the Mission E platform codenamed J1 but will have sportier performance attributes. Figures quoted in the report claim the Vitola will be able to make it to 62 mph from zero in 2.5 seconds, which will make it even faster than the Aventador SV if proven true. Top speed mentioned is an equally impressive 186 mph.

Power rating for the Vitola is expected to be around 800 hp or more, which will be better that of the Aventador SV's 740 horses.

The Mission E, on the other hand, will be more sedate compared to the Vitola, considering that the zero to 60 mph projected for the Porsche EV is 3.5 secs. Further, it will have around 600 horses at its disposal, produced by two electric motors sitting on top of the front and rear axles. Porsche had earlier stated the Mission E will benefit from torque vectoring for each of its four wheels for optimum driving dynamics.

However, while the above Mission E stats might seem a bit less impressive compared to that of Vitola, it does suit the former's intended role of being a grand cruiser of sorts rather than a sports car. There is no mention of range though, as an earlier estimate had pegged that at around 300 miles.

Another area where the Mission E and Vitola could have a distinct edge over other EVs is its fast charging attribute. Touted to have the ability to acquire about 80 percent of its charge in just 15 mins, it makes for almost a two-fold improvement over the Model S that acquires about half its charges in 30 mins from a Tesla Supercharger.

Worth mentioning, the latest Model S P100D became an instant sensation after it hit the 60 mph mark from zero in 2.5 secs. With Vitola too likely to make the same timing, it seems that is the best that the EVs would be capable of, for now at least.

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