Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept Set For Paris Debut

Sep 20, 2016 05:11 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal

Lexus has come up with a new seat design that it claims will bring about a profound change in the way performance cars are driven.

Termed as the 'Kinetic Seat Concept,' the new seat design also breaks all known conventions in that it features a spun spider web layout for both the back-rest as well as the lower portion. It looks bare minimum with neither the elaborate and heavily cushioned build that most seats in a high-end car boast of.

Further, there is none of the tech wizardry that seats in a top-end luxury car are most likely to have. Those include heating and ventilation systems or one that can provide a nice massage while the driver is busy negotiating the turns.

Overall, the new Lexus seat might look like a crazy design idea with the sole intention of making more of a design statement that serving any practical purpose.

Lexus though has stated the seats are so designed to respond better to the different forces acting on the driver while on the move. Not only is it better suited to better distribute the driver's weight, the seat can actually adjust itself as the driver's weight gets shifted during varying conditions.

This, Lexus claims will help stabilizing the driver's field of vision irrespective of the forces acting on him or her. Also, with the weight getting distributed on its own, the driver's muscles, particularly those around the spine remains stress free and relaxed, claimed Motor Authority.

That is not all as the material that has gone into the making of the spider web inspired seats too speaks of ingenuity. For not only do the seats sport the looks of a spider web, those have also been made from spider silk, albeit of the synthetic form.

According to Paultan, the main ingredient of the spider silk material is a protein that has been prepared from a microbial fermentation process. It is then spun into the material that goes into the making of the seats and has natural elasticity built into it.

Overall, the Kinetic Seat Concept so made turns out to be not only comfortable and less stressful, but are also slimmer and lighter as well.

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