Volkswagen Diesel Emission Cheating Scandal: 1.1 M Cars Still Unfixed?

Sep 19, 2016 05:41 AM EDT | Eve C.


Volkswagen still faces the aftermath of the diesel emission cheating scandal. There are still 1.1 million cars left unfixed and they might need to attend to this issue as soon as possible.

The controversial move by the automaker has been on the headlines since its discovery. They are trying to talk their way to reduce the damages, but still this one might cause them a big blow.

Mail Online reported that one out of 10 vehicles, which was installed with the cheating system, was repaired, and that was only in the United Kingdom. To be exact, only 110,000 units were freed of the deceitful system.

However, Labour MP and chairman Louise Ellman is not pleased. According to her interview, the figures that Volkswagen revealed is still unacceptable.

"One year on from the Volkswagen emissions scandal, nine out of 10 drivers are still waiting for their car to be recalled. Time and time again, VW's schedule has slipped," she said.

She added: "People deserve to know when they can expect their vehicles to be corrected and returned to them. It's time VW came clean with its customers. If it refuses to do so, the Government must act."

A previous article revealed that Volkswagen might lose around $15 billion for all the damages. It ranges from car replacements, repairs and refunds.

To make things worse for the automaker, there's a chance it might face criminal charges as well. Wall Street Journal reported that the Environmental Protection Agency might press criminal charges because of the cheating fiasco.

So far, Volkswagen has been trying to clean their name in spite of the huge effect. Some in-the-know insiders revealed that lawyers and US prosecutors from Volkswagen are in the middle of negotiations. 

The car company is allegedly planning to offer a settlement, but could result in more monetary liability on their behalf. Stay tuned for the development of this news.

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