Apple Stores Flocked with iPhone 7 Campers

Sep 17, 2016 07:14 AM EDT | Julie Bedas


Every time Apple releases a new iPhone model, fans flocking to get their hands on the gadget has become as much of a phenomenon as the gadgets themselves. Once or twice a year, you get to see people lining up or even camping outside Apple stores, like in a soup kitchen during the depression era or a week-long music festival, only they have none of these things in mind other than bringing home the newest iPhone.

In a report by Yahoo numerous pictures were shown from different countries all over the world showing people of different nationalities but with one single similarity, and that is they get their hands immediately on the iPhone 7. Amidst the criticisms the latest model has met from the removal of its headphone jack, these people are proof that Apple is still the strongest contender in the mobile market.

The uncomfortable sleeping condition, the leg cramps from long hours of standing up, and all other hardships are clearly forgotten on the face of those who finally get to have the magical box containing the iPhone 7 in their hands. However, some were not as fortunate as according to reports there many stores that sold out on the preferred colors.

The new iPhone 7 features a better camera and processing, and longer battery life. The iPhone 7 plus, which features a dual camera, will be released later than the iPhone 7.

Yahoo's comment section was met with various negative remarks. "And there go the idiots once again. While other people camp out for a gallon of water, these flakes do it for a stupid phone that offers nothing more than any other phone out there. SO pathetic," said someone named Spiros.

Whether the new iPhone is a revolutionary communication device is subject to an interesting debate. One thing is certain, Apple's marketing strategy is phenomenal, and no one can challenge that. 

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