New Italian Hypercar Teased; Zava Prometheus To Reach 60 MPH Under 2 Seconds

Sep 16, 2016 06:20 PM EDT | Sovan Mandal

Zava isn't by any means a well-known name in the field of automobiles but it aims to be one. And its claim-to-fame happens to be the Prometheus, which it hopes will zip off to the three-figure speed mark from standing still in 2 secs flat.

That's incredibly fast for any car, which again should explain why none has ever breached that mark. Still shrouded in mystery, not much is known of the Prometheus so far expect that it would be entirely electric powered and will have four motors powering the four wheels.

As reported by Top Speed, the four motors would create a total power output of 1,341 hp and 1,180 lb-ft of torque. Those again are lofty figures and do raise hopes of the car making the feat possible after all.

Meanwhile, the report also mentioned the car will still have juice left to travel 300 miles, which is fast turning out to be the minimum range for any EV to have any sort of credibility.

No other details or images of the said hypercar have been made available so far. That leaves us with no choice but to rely on a few renderings of the sports car, which reveals a closed cockpit design with a cab-forward layout, the Top Speed report mentioned. The car also has a sharp nose and a dual-fin rear spoiler to aid in aerodynamics.

Zava did say they will reveal more about their project in due course, which is going to be sooner rather than later.

Also, while it is good to see a car maker and that too a start-up attempting the sort of acceleration that none has achieved before, there is no way one can deny the feeling of skepticism that it invokes.

For instance, there is the issue of batteries to power the car which are bulky and adds to the weight of the car. Porsche CEO too has ruled out battery-powered sports cars simply because of the weight factor and it will be interesting to see how Zava manages to cancel the additional weight that EVs account for.

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