Apple Has Abandoned The 3.5 mm Headphone Jack, Is The Move Really That Bad?

Sep 15, 2016 05:30 AM EDT | Staff Reporter


The iPhone 7 and its bigger model iPhone 7 Plus is to be released tomorrow, and it will be released without a headphone jack. Following the announcement, Samsung is speculated to let go off the headset jack too with its future models. With major brands moving towards this direction, the market would too as it has always been - adapt itself.

The missing headphone jack is creating quite a bit of disappointment between users. Apple, however, may have a different view on it. It could just be another step to move forward on its path to a slimmer, minimalist design. Apple offers an extension to connect to the headset, and if it does, would its users give it up on its legacy for a slight inconvenience.

Looking at it from a different perspective, inconvenience knocks at the door when there is an alteration in the sequence of things, a well-established and accepted workflow. But it must also be understood that a slight change in software and hardware can rule out inconveniences too.

Evolution has been the face of things. Things change, and adaptation is a must.

The headset jack also serves as an invitation to foreign elements inside the phone - dust, dirt, and water. Numerous individuals have malfunctioned their phone because of these reasons. A move towards eliminating the gateway could bid this problem goodbye.

Apple has seen conflicted design over the past twenty years, which has also been the prime reason for its success. The stress around the matter usually lasts for a few months, and then it's accepted.

Looking back at Apple's history, the first thing that Apple did after the return of Steve Jobs in1997 was the iMac. It was known and liked for its curve design - a significant move in the design. However, questions rose after its move to abandon the floppy drive from the machine. But, well, we all know how it ended.

Here is CNET's take on it:

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