iPhone Hacker Develops Self-Driving Tech: Sells Services For $24/Month

Sep 15, 2016 05:07 AM EDT | Eve C.


A tech geek and iPhone hacker come up with the idea of creating his own version of the self-driving technology. However, the car owner may dig the invention because the hacker only sells it for $24/month.

George Hotz might have created something that the car owners might find worth trying. Introducing Comma One, the first ever commercial product that the iPhone hacker created.

According to Tech Crunch, the comma.ai will ship a $999 autonomous driving add-on before the end of 2016. The startup company called Comma.ai will provide services for only $24/month.

Hotz explained that the electric car will be able to drive from Mountain View to San Francisco even without a driver, given the monthly rate. However, he noted that this kit will not make your car a fully autonomous vehicle.

The founder explained that the system is more likely the same as Tesla's Autopilot, but it can be installed in any vehicle. They are now trying to work on its compatibility with most car models.

Furthermore, Hotz said they Comma.ai's advantage is its "shippability" and even claimed that it lacks among other companies. Notably, most of the companies do not even have a software similar to Comma One.

"It is fully functional. It's about on par with Tesla Autopilot, the key sensors that we're getting back is the cam. We're actually getting back the video, even Tesla isn't doing that. We have all the video data," Hotz explained.

Meanwhile, the famous hacker noted some of Tesla's issues concerning their Autopilot. Notably, a 45-year old driver was not able to survive after his Tesla Model S slipped underneath a truck.

According to the previous report, the Autopilot was not able to detect the incoming truck, hence the fatal accident. Hotz is taking note of that to make sure that the Comma One will be more reliable.

To know more about George Hotz statement about Comma One, watch the YouTube video here.

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