'Tesla of Buses' Proterra Catalyst E2 Goes 600 Miles On A Single Charge

Sep 13, 2016 04:20 AM EDT | Eve C.


The "Tesla of Buses" is here! Introducing the Proterra Catalyst E2- the electric bus that can go 600 miles on a single charge. That's right, this massive EV can go twice the range of Tesla's halo machine, the Model S.

Proterra, the EV Bus Manufacturer

The Proterra has been working on what seemed to be impossible since 2004. They were able to sell at least 62 buses in 2015 but there is a flaw. The buses need to be charged upon reaching 146 miles.

However, the company continued developing their product until they revealed that Catalyst E2 on Monday. The electric bus can travel for 18 hours straight without the need of charging.

"The first generation of the long-range vehicles we brought out wasn't good enough for the market," Matt Horton, Proterra's vice president of sales, told Business Insider.

"It just couldn't do all of the routes out there, and frankly, there aren't any electric buses out there that can today."

How did they do that? Proterra's dedicated on improving the battery paid off. The company created batteries with 660 kWh of energy and placed the newly improved batteries "underneath the body of the bus so it helps [them] keep its very, very low center of gravity."

Improvements, Upgrades Towards Perfection

On the other hand, the company also improved the bus' raw materials. Instead of the usual, IBTimes reported that the firm used a carbon fiber composite to ensure both a lightweight design and durability for the electric bus.

Proterra was able to get 300 units presold, and it signifies one thing - people are now demanding for diesel-free vehicles. Meanwhile, USA Today also reported that electric buses might be the next big thing.

Currently, there have been issues regarding diesel-emission vehicles. We can recall that Volkswagen has been facing issues regarding the diesel-emission cheating scandal.

So far, Proterra Catalyst E2 has been building competition with Chinese firm BYD, which is set to deliver 300 units to a number of California cities.

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