Guerilla Games Criticizes Sony's New PlayStation 4 Pro Stating The Console Is A 'Mere Visual Upgrade'

Sep 12, 2016 06:05 AM EDT | Jomar Teves

When a new product is about to be released to the market, one thing will always be certain even before it comes into play: Criticism. Much like the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro, it has already received a slur of criticisms and bashes, and it's not even available yet.

It just goes to show that, regardless of the market, haters are always going to hate. Then again, some of the criticisms do have fairly valid points. 

Issues with the PS4 Pro

Among the things people is pondering about right now is whether or not the PS4 Pro will offer new gameplay experiences instead of just simply upgrading and enhancing the graphics in video games. Guerrilla Games' technical executive Michiel van der Leeuw has attempted to speak out to the general public and give his answer about this swirling topic.

"It's just a visual enhancement. It doesn't drastically change the nature of your games... We do the same calculations. Normally we're just limited by whatever the TV can display. We remove the cap and all of a sudden there's something quite beautiful underneath. It doesn't drastically change a thing. It's just prettier and nicer, for the enthusiasts who are into that sort of stuff," van der Leeuw said during a recent interview with Kotaku.

PS4 Pro release date

PS4 Pro releases on November 10 at $399, and what van der Leeuw said shouldn't generally come as a surprise. We're talking about a hardware upgrade based on the same design PS4 is currently offering, something which is not opening up a brand new generation in console gaming.

Final thoughts

So you really should not buy a PS4 Pro now, especially if you already have a fully-functioning PS4 classic console, considering the fact that you would probably not be getting a new gaming experience apart from more graphics. Then again, with the PSVR coming soon, and with games requiring more horsepower than usual, the emergence of the PS4 Pro might actually make sense, after all. 

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