McLaren 650S’ Scion Spotted in Spain

Sep 10, 2016 05:31 AM EDT | J Russ I.

As the McLaren 650s is nearing its fourth birthday, the British automaker behind the exquisite vehicle is working hard in putting the vehicle's heir on the road. That heir has just been spotted cruising in the streets of Spain undisguised.

 What mysterious McLaren is this? Via: @turbo8833

A photo posted by Carinsta Exotic LifeStyle®Ⓜ️ (@exoticlifestyle_) on Sep 9, 2016 at 9:18am PDT


Among the complaints that car enthusiast mope about is how all McLaren looks similar. Well, the complaints have been heard by its manufacturer and they did something about it.

The prototype codenamed P14, has undergone quite a few changes and inherited a few aspects from its predecessors. Its front features maintained the McLaren's signature rounded nose but has several aerodynamic designs.

The hood has two triangular scoops similar to those that can be found on the 570S, while its sleek LED headlights design is likely taken from its P1 kin. The P14 is also sporting two large vents at the bottom of its front end, giving the gorgeous car the ability to create a massive amount of downforce.

A notable aesthetic change of the prototype that deviates from the other McLarens is the angular lines with a duct at the front door. Those that came before had this duct place on the vehicle's back.

Additionally, a design that's seen on the new model's rear is the centrally-positioned exhaust tips, rounded instead of square like the 650S.

Another feature that it mimics from the P1 is the engine cover, its single LED units on the taillight, and if the recent reports hold true, the P1's twin-turbo V8 hybrid powertrain. It's also speculated that the P14 will have some sort of active aero based on the large panel gaps seen on its top rear.

The supercar is expected to be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, but car enthusiasts might see more photos of the P14 as early as February.

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