6 Beautiful European Vacation Spots That Are Budget Friendly

Sep 09, 2016 07:51 AM EDT | Karen Conda

Going on a vacation trip is not easy. Talk about the planning, preparation and the expenses. What more if this trip is in Europe?

See, European trips can be really expensive. But it is also not impossible to find cheap deals on spots to visit and enjoy. There are cities that are relatively cheap but are really beautiful.
We took some time and looked into these spots with great location, with relatively cheap food and accommodations.

1. Krakow, Poland

This city plays great significance to the cultural and political aspects of Poland. This medieval city is the home of majestic old castles and churches. This city can offer cheap hotel prices that start at $66/night.

2. Algarve, Portugal

If you want to spend time in the European sun and sand, Algarve is the place. This city with low cliffs and white sand beaches will surely take your breath away. Accommodation comes at a good price and you can find good restaurants that can give you a good meal with a price lower than $8-$25.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This old town in Croatia just looks stunning. With well-preserved, stone walled buildings and limestone paved roads. If you are watching Game Of Thrones, this city is one of their locations. Hotel prices go from $70/night.

4. Rhodes, Greece.

Rhodes is known for its beautiful beaches. But this medieval city also gives you a trip back in time. With ancient ruins remnants of its occupation by the Knights of St. John during the Crusades, and old palaces. Dining is cheap that can start at $10-$30.

5. Sofia, Bulgaria.

This city has a deep historical connection from Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Soviet occupations. This translate to a beautiful, churches, buildings and museums. Accommodations also come cheap from $45/night or less.

6. Debrecen, Hungary

Dubbed as the "Capital city of the Great Hungarian Plain", this large city hides cultural sites, beautiful places and with hearty, cheap meals that start at $3!

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