One Piece' Episode 839 Spoilers & News: Shanks Comes To Luffy's Rescue?

Sep 09, 2016 04:56 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe


Fans of "One Piece" have been dying to have their dose of "One Piece" chapter releases. Unfortunately, the release date might take some time due to the usual break of Eiichiro Oda and the manga's team. Fret not, however, as here are the latest spoilers and updates for "One Piece" Chapter 839.

Luffy vs The Man With A Thousand Arms

Last week, we left Luffy facing a group of armor cookies created by Charlotte Cracker. This one actually uses his devil fruit (Fruit Biscuit) to create duplicates of himself. True to form, just as when fans thought that Luffy was about to win the fight, Cracker's shells broke and his true form was revealed as The Thousand Arms.

Chapter 839 will bring us closer to the imminent outcome of this fight. It would be very surprising to extend this fight for another chapter but it is also clear that The Thousand Arms would not go down without a big fight.

Successful Wedding Crashers

There's a huge buzz about Shanks and his crew making a big appearance on "One Piece" Chapter 839. This is because Shanks' image appeared in the previous chapter's cover and could be hinting that together with Luffy, they will rescue Sanji from his arranged wedding with Charlotte Pudding.

Shanks has made great entrances in past chapters, and "One Piece" fans wouldn't be surprised if the guests in the wedding will see Shanks instead of Sanji. Speculations say that Shanks will wear some sort of a disguise or clothes that will hide his face and take the place of Sanji as Pudding's groom. This will make a commotion, allowing Sanji to escape with the Straw Hats.

While all this is a very exciting scene that is can actually happen, Luffy should need to defeat The Thousand Arms first before Sanji can be saved. But of course, fans predict that Luffy will triumph over Cracker as he is the main character.

All this information should be taken with caution as nothing is confirmed yet. One Piece fans wait would need to wait more, but hopefully, Chapter 839 will be released soon.

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