Man Catches 9-Hour Flight After Swallowing 110 Cocaine Packets

Sep 08, 2016 08:00 AM EDT | E.R. Cumigad


A 48-year old Australian man travelling from Thailand to Australia just endured the most uncomfortable flight of his life. And it's all for the love of drugs.

Sitting through a long distance flight is difficult enough but what this man submitted himself into is just unimaginable. The man swallowed 110 packets of cocaine, sat through a 9-hour flight, and tried to smuggle the drugs to his country.

His feat went unnoticed when he boarded the plane in Thailand. But soon after arriving at the Sydney Airport in Australia, the man confessed to police that he has indeed ingested more than 110 cocaine pellets.

The man, after admitting the deed to the authorities and after being taken into custody, passed 46 of the 110 pellets he swallowed. The other 64 were later surgically removed from his stomach at the hospital.

Swallowing cocaine pellets is not the most shocking way of smuggling drugs, however. There are even more outrageous methods.

In 2012, a woman was caught smuggling cocaine inside her body. The woman was travelling from Bogota Colombia to Barcelona, Spain when authorities noticed something unusual about the passenger.

It was discovered that she was carrying cocaine in her breasts. Not in her bra but inside her breasts!

Two cocaine bags, weighing 1.5 pounds each, were surgically implanted in her breasts. When the agent checked them, they weren't even stitched; there were just two open wounds with part of the cocaine bags plainly evident from the outside.

The most unforgivable method though is courtesy of some wicked people in Africa. They stuffed bags of cocaine in the stomach of a corpse.

The poor body was in the guise of it being brought home for burial. Luckily, the evil plans were discovered and the body got the decent burial it deserved.

It's truly unbelievable the extremes people are willing to do and go through for illegal drugs.

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