Recent Samsung Patent Filing Reveals A New Phone Hardware Running Both Android And Windows Simultaneously

Sep 07, 2016 10:33 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Samsung could be working on a new phone that runs both Android and Windows simultaneously, a recent patent filed in South Korea revealed.

The idea may not be too outlandish so far as PCs are concerned but it definitely breaks new ground in the smartphone segment. The patent application showed a Galaxy-like device running Android as well as Windows. Switching between the two OSs resembled working with Samsung's Multi Windows feature as is evident in the present crop of Galaxy phones, SamMobile reported.

As depicted in the patent filing, both Windows and Android are displayed in two windows in the home screen. In fact, the patent reveals a lot of behind-the-scenes optimization by Samsung to ensure both the operating systems co-exist while offering a seamless working environment for the user.

For instance, user will have the option to share files across the operating systems using simple drag and drop operations. Similarly, one OS can be minimized to be reduced as a floating icon much like apps in the TouchWiz UX.

That is not all as users will also have the option to allocate system resources to best reflect their working demands. For instance, the number of processor cores or system memory to be used by each OS will be at the user's discretion. Folder sharing too can be set accordingly to allow for accessing files from both the operating systems.

However, the primary OS will however be Android with Windows being the second OS, PC World stated citing patent documents. That again is a reflection of the way the two OSs stand in the mobile segment where Windows is reduced to a minority player at best with less than 1 percent share of the market while Android reining supreme.

From a user's perspective, a dual OS smartphone presents the best of both worlds. While Android appeals with its vast app resource, Windows could appeal to the business community with its inherent productivity oriented build.

However, patent filing should never be taken as a sure shot indication of the device entering mass production and there is no guarantee a new Galaxy phone booting both Android and Windows is coming our way anytime soon.

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