Attack on Titan' Season 2: Release Date Confirmed For February 2017, Anime to Feature Bigger, Badder Titans

Sep 07, 2016 04:57 AM EDT | Jomar Teves


The hit Japanese manga-based anime is set to make its Season 2 debut in Feb. 2017. More than three years since "Attack on Titan" ("Shingeki no Kyojin") first aired on MBS, the well-known animated TV series is returning with a whole new storyline and new, interesting characters.

Rumors state that "Attack on Titan" Season 2 is set to depart from its manga counterpart. In spite of past reports asserting that the series' next installment will "stay true" to its Japanese comic version, it has been confirmed that Season 2 will introduce new storylines for fans to enjoy.

The Comeback of 'Attack on Titan'

Vine Report revealed that Season 2 won't be a follow-up to "Attack on Titan" Season 1. The publication noted that watching the series' second season would feel as if fans are watching an entirely new show. Even so, returning characters are of course to be expected, with the addition of new Titans who are certain to wreak all kinds of havoc.

A shapeshifting Titan named Zeke has been a mainstream subject of past reports. Zeke is said to have an intelligence level that is close to that of a human being. He's a monster who happens to be able to talk and communicate and is even said to show enthusiasm for the 3D maneuver gear.

The Plotline of 'Attack on Titan' Season 2

Krista's struggle in Season 1 will revolve around her choice to come back to her family or continue with her serving at the Survey Corps. The prior source said that once Krista's family's secret has been revealed, fans will finally get to know more about the "Coordinate," a mysterious power that will be introduced in the new season. 

The series' exact debut date is yet to be announced, but "Attack on Titan" is speculated to start airing sometime in spring 2017. 

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