Tesla Model S P100D Tuning Pack Unveiled: RevoZSport Creates Meanest, Greenest, EV Monster Yet

Sep 07, 2016 05:29 AM EDT | Staff Reporter

Tesla recently graced us with the Tesla Model S P100D Version, dubbed as the "world's fastest production car" and it is anticipated that after its debut, tuners around the globe will clamor to build yet another tuned version of the car. Unlike other tuned Tesla cars that failed to impress, RevoZport successfully creates the meanest, greenest, EV Monster version.

The Tesla Model S P100D

The P100D is one of the most popular vehicles nowadays, offering improved performance compared to the P90D when it comes to acceleration. The EV is capable of reaching 0 to 60 in just over 2.5 seconds. It also can go up to 542 kilometers on a single charge only.

But the most striking thing about the Tesla Model S P100D is it can go completely unnoticed. Tesla made the designs simple and elegant highlighting its engine rather than the car's aesthetics.

Taking the Tesla Model S P100D to the Extreme

This is where RevoZport comes in. RevoZport is one of the first tuners to build a tailored made suit for the Tesla Model S P100D. The end goal? To see the potential of the P100D with an aerodynamic kit attached to the EV, giving the car an aggressively look while still supporting its green advocacy.

The main changes from the outside comes from the hand of a marked lower lip and the large front grille taken out, huge and mesmerizing wheels with a multi-spoke design can also be seen as well as a new front splitter, side skirts and a strong reardiffuser which obviously bears no tailpipe.

RevoZport says that instead of seeking the minimum resistance to air, as does the pattern of original Tesla Model S P100D, they have sought the ground effect to improve cornering at high speed. Fender flares and a carbon spoiler are also added for the finishing touch.

On the inside, RevoZport integrated a striking center console that offers support for an iPad Mini. They also added carbon-fiber and leather trimmings and added novelty items to spice up the interior. The new cabin is definitely much better than the stock version and people can stop complaining about the inside of the Tesla Model S P100D not reflecting the vehicle's price range.

Check out the photos of Revosport's tuned Tesla Model S P100D here.

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