Future Mercedes-Benz Cars Will Talk To Each Other And Can Run You Errands, Are You Ready?

Sep 06, 2016 06:02 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Mercedes-Benz is going all out on their future cars. First, they showed off its wildly futuristic Mercedes-Benz F 015 concept last year, now they are eyeing to build the Mercedes-Bens 2026 C-Class that can act as an assistant and run a few errands for you. Will the time come when this future car can do your groceries for you?

Probably not do groceries, but it can drop off your children at school or pick up your wife after she shopped and it can also communicate with other Mercedes-Bens 2026 C-Class vehicles. This was announced at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany which is happening from September 2 to September 7.

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz, there is no doubt that their quality is always guaranteed and they are at the forefront of technology. This is why Mercedes cars tend to be more promising and intriguing. Rumors are abounding that many people are already anticipating the Mercedes-Bens 2026 C-Class' release. 

In line with this, Zetche also made his remarks that Mercedes and Bosch had already begun testing a task force of vehicles that can interconnect with one another. However, this communication experiment is currently limited to parking.

"It works using car sensors that can find empty spaces along a road and then share the information with the Mercedes back-end database. That information is then shared with other Mercedes cars." Dr. Zetsche said

He also added that while parking is the short-term goal, the long term aim basically involves cars that talk to each other while on the road, enabling drivers to find the most efficient route.

And wait there's more!  Future Mercedes-Bens 2026 C-Class will also act as doctors where the car will use its sensors to monitor the health and comfort of its passengers and eventually adjust the settings to improve its passenger's situation and blood pressure as well as automatically send them to the hospital if there's an emergency.

Amazing! Isn't it? That's more likely going to happen in the near future. Mercedes has always given us the glimpse of what will benefit us. This new generation of automobiles is truly spreading faster than previously expected.

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