Tesla Model S Survived 3300 Mile In Australian Camping Trip Without Any Tesla Charging Stations

Sep 03, 2016 10:12 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

A challenge for the Tesla Model S had been completed in the land down under, where the said car drove 3,300 miles in an Australian camping trip without any superchargers available. The challenge was made to prove that the Tesla Model S is the most convenient & efficient electric car.

One of the concerns in buying an electric vehicle like Tesla Model S is how far it could go. This is because a long trip for motorist nowadays is often an adventure and people loved to do this. No problem if you are in the United States with plenty of public charging stations and Tesla super chargers. Electric car owners can easily make road trips without doubting that their car will lose charge.

In countries like Australia the situation is different. They can drive hundreds of miles without seeing any charging station. Luckily, An increasing numbers of drivers using Tesla Model S have completed road trips through Australia over the past years.

It also appears that several drivers are breaking the record on how far their Tesla Model S could go and this involve the latest couple in a post on One Step off the Grid covering 5,400 kilometers (3,355 miles) of Australia's North West-Coastal Highway.

The trip was done without plugging in at any dedicated charging stations according to the testimony of Tesla developers in Australia. They had to improvise sources of power, including plugging in at a golf course during one of their stops. They depend on town officials, other locals and a member of a regional car club in locating charging sites.

As if driving across the Australian Outback in an electric car was not enough for an adventure, this trip lasted 13 nights where the Tesla Model S become their owners'own hotel putting mattresses in the back of the car.

What seems to be unimaginable before is now a reality when it comes to the performance of Tesla Model S. Sooner or later this will be the norm to the motorists all over the world where we will be hearing more stories on how the electric cars give them a great ride. 

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