Stars And Their Cars: Check Out 5 Celebs And Their Personalised Plates

Sep 02, 2016 07:20 AM EDT | Eve C.


The perks of being a Hollywood celebrity does not end of choosing their own luxury cars. They can also choose their own personalised plates. Yes, some of these artists have chosen their own plates related to their identity.

But of course, the price is not cheap. According to Birmingham Mail, the most expensive personalised plate is from Abu Dhabi businessman Saeed Abdul Ghaffar in 2008 for an eye-watering £7.25 million for just the number "1." 

On the other hand, Former Aston Villa boss John Gregory sold his famous "V1LLA" registration plate for £39,000 in 2010. Meanwhile, here is the top 5 Midland celebrities who wants their cars to be known as well:

1. Robbie Williams- the actor uses personalised plates as part of his speech freedom. One of his cars, a Ferrari has a plate that states "SORRY." According to the website, the plate was a message to his fans to say sorry for spending so much money on the car.

Then, he was seen driving a Bentley with the number plate: "E IS BAD'." The website wrote that he was on his way to a shoot. The meaning behind the plate is still under wraps.

2. Karren BradyShe and footballer husband Paul Peschisolido is no different share enthusiasm with personalised plates. He bought a personalised number plate "P33 SCH" for the couple's £30,000 Mercedes. However, the car was stolen in their former Birmingham City striker's home while it was being defrosted.

3. Simon CowellThe X Factor judge owns a black Bugatti which has number plates which spell out the main source of his fortune: "X FACTOR."

4. Tessa SandersonThe olympian, javelin thrower with six Olympic medals ordered a number plate with her nickname and "5 TES" which is now installed on her Mercedes.

5. Chris Tarrant- the game show host chose the plate "CHU 8B" because of his favorite freshwater fish, the chub.

"I'm sure they will go, 'Oh for Christ's sake, you've finally flipped haven't you'. Ingrid (Chris's wife) wouldn't know one end of a chub from another. She'll have no idea what it is!" he said, quoted by the website.

Meanwhile, check out the other celebs who has personalised plates here.

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