Tesla Electric Cars Are Not The First: Here Are 10 Electric Cars Pre-Tesla

Aug 31, 2016 08:07 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Tesla is recently on the front lines of the automobile industry with its amazing electric cars that are changing the world. However, If you thought electric cars are new, you're wrong. There are even electric cars that have been made over 150 years ago.

According to the International Energy Agency, Tesla electric cars, and the others already sold more than 1.26 million electric cars in forty countries. This goes to show that more and more drivers are choosing electric cars and Elon Musk may be right that Tesla will revolutionize the world where in 2020 electric cars will be the main thing. 

But as said earlier, electric cars are not something new in the automotive industry. Sinclair, Bradley, Sebring or Zagato are just some of the manufacturers even before the Tesla Model S or the Tesla Model 3 arrives. Let's have a glance at them.

Vehicles Sinclair C5This peculiar electric car was born in 1985 from the hand of Sir Clive Sinclair . What is special? People below 18 years can drive it as by that time electric cars aren't classified as real cars and requires no insurance or driving license to drive it.

Bradley GTElectricThis model is created with the base of the Volkswagen Beetle and has a powerful battery on it. A dream car for all who loves the 80's era.

Peugeot VLVIn 1942, the Peugeot VLV was born. Peugeot came to built just over 350 units of this and was equipped with four batteries of 12V. 

Sebring-Vanguard CiticarThe Sebring-Vanguard Citicar made in Madrid was successful in terms of battery power but it failures comes in its length. Measuring just around 240 centimeters, one could say that is the most uncomfortable electric car.

Zagato ElcarThis tiny car was manufactured in the mid- 70s with the rovers of HG wells as its look inspiration.

Think cityIn 2008, Think city successfully built an electric vehicle called Think City One that can travel around 199 kilometers. The headquarters of this manufacturer was in Norway and had the support of Ford.

Enfield ThunderboltThe Enfield Thunderbolt was manufactured in the 60s but only 100 units was assembled at that time. This friendly electric car had a range of 100 kilometers. The objective? Serve the urban population of the UK.

ZENNBack in the year 2000 a company in Canada tried to revolutionize the automobile with the Zenn. One of its famous features is that it produces no noise, a benefit for some people but a major drawback for car lovers as they would always love to hear the roaring of their engines.

Corbin SparrowCorbin Sparrow was manufactured by Myers Motors NMG and arrived in 1999. This tiny electric car made his appearance in the movies 'Austin Powers in Goldmember' and 'Looper'. 

EV1 by GM MotorsLast but not the least is the EV1. The EV1 is developed by General Motors and is considered as the first modern and mass produced electric vehicle offering 200 miles of range. It hit the market in 1996 and production stopped in 1999 because of bankruptcy and people still can't accept the concept of electric cars.

"The first EVs looked like science projects only a Sierra Club member could love, while today an all-electric luxury sedan. The Tesla Model S is routinely described as the coolest car on the planet."

Production increased up to 1,200 units and most of them were destroyed except those found in museums. Users can still acquire the EV1 through leasing but at the end of the contract, users had to return them to the manufacturer. 

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