Citroën's Wild And Beautiful CXperience Hybrid Concept Car Boasts Of 60 Kms Electric Range

Aug 30, 2016 09:50 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Concept cars are usually extreme depictions of the no-holds-barred design fantasies of a company that usually get toned down for the production models. That said, the new CXperience concept car from Citroën seems to have struck a rare balance, that of packing whacky looks while still being seemingly ready for market debut already.

The front end breaks new ground in that the headlights have been accommodated low right along the engine air vents. Then there are three strips of LEDs along the edge of the hood and below it where front headlights usually are placed and which serves as the daytime running lights.

Further, there are distinct flaps located right in the middle of front low bumper that open and close and are designed to aid in aerodynamics. Overall, the car sits low and wide; a stance coupled to the massive 22-inch wheels makes the CXperience concept really eye catching.

Simplicity reigns supreme in the interior that's done up in a flavor of lime yellow and wooden trim. Color scheme apart, the only other notable feature on the inside include a 'squarish' single-spoke steering along with a massive 19-inch display, CarandDriver reported. It can be configured as a single display to provide for driver controls or can be split to allow the front passenger to play around a bit. There are additional screen mounted on the doors that serve as the display for the side view cameras/mirror.

Automotive power comes from a hybrid source of the pug-in type, Motor1 reported. A 200 hp gasoline engine works in conjugation with a 80 kW electric motor to allow for a combined power output of 250 - 300 hp. An eight-speed automatic transmission sends the power to the rear set of wheels though no run times are available just yet.

The CXperience will also be able to traverse 37 miles (60 km) on battery power alone and requires around four and a half hours to recharge fully from a regular power source. The charging time meanwhile gets reduced to just about two and a half hours when charged from a 6.6 kW charger and a 32A socket.

The Citroën CXperience Concept will be there on display at the Paris Motor Show due in October.

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