Jeremy Clarkson Verdict: 10 Worst Cars For 2015 and 2016

Aug 29, 2016 06:50 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Jeremy Clarkson, former anchorman of Top Gear switched to BBC with his new upcoming series "The Grand Tour" and "DriveTribe", has given much to talk these past few days, the newest is his list of "The Terrible 10" - the 10 Worst cars of 2015 and 2016.

Jeremy Clarkson is a famous car enthusiast who after reaching popularity, seems to have the rights to speak and give comments about cars and so Clarkson didnt hold up . Earlier this week, he spoke about the 10 most exciting cars for the year 2016. Now, it's the turn of the 10 most terrible models. Check out the list below and why according to Clarkson, they belong in the list.

#1: Vauxhall Astra SRiOpening up the "Terrible 10" is the Vauxhall Astra SRi NAV, which in Spain translates in the Opel Astra 1.6 turbo petrol and 200bhp. Jeremy Clarkson described it as "a car that is good for anyone who only need four wheels and a place to sit".

#2: Infiniti Q30Clarkson then detailed how the Infiniti Q30 is a mess. The car is equipped with 2.2 diesel engine 170 horsepower but the sound of the engine produces a messing little noise due to the mitigation system that is incorporated in the unit. 

"A disaster, but at least it looks good" clarkson added.

#3: Skoda Superb ExecutiveThe next car ton Jeremy Clarkson's list is the Skoda Superb. He said that the the family version 2.0 TDi engine associated with 150 horsepower, is a cheap and trying hard version of the Volkswagen Passat adding that it the same soul that a refrigerator has.

#4: Zenos E10 SClarkson then writes about the Zenos E10 S, a race car that can used in tracks but can also move freely on public roads, equip with a 2 - liter EcoBoost no less than 253 horses and weighs only 700 kilos. With these features, most people believe that Jeremy could be gracious, but no. The Zenos he says failed the power to weight ratio. Speed is too strong the the brake locks is terrible and one can bump into a three in no time while riding it.

#5: Renault Kadjar dCI 130The Renault Kadjar dCI 130 is a farly famous car that is surprisingly on the list. For Clarkson, the Kadjar is simply a boring car. Clarkson said that no child will have a Renault Kadjar on a poster in his room and even laughs at how funny Kadiar, the name of the car sounds like.

#6: BMW X1 xDrive25dSixth on the list is BMW X1 where Clarkson said he expected much better coming from BMW. He tried the xDrive25d version of four - wheel drive, and declares that it was not able to climb a slight incline hill of grass." If it were a Kia or a car of those strange Chinese companies,it would be pretty good. But it's not. It's a BMW "

#7: Seat Leon X-PerienceThen it is the turn of the leon x-perience and it's like the harshest comment he ever made saying the car is just a waste of time. 

#8: Nissan GT-R Track EditionAnother vehicle that people are surprised to find on the list of Jeremy Clarkson is the Nissan GT-R. Clarkson complains changes direction impact while driving this car as if Godzilla stumps on the ground. "You drive over a manhole cover and get an idea of what could be involved in a plane crash."

#9: Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDIThe Volkswagen Scirocco is included on Clarkson's list as he believe it is not worthy of it successor. 

#10: Hyundai i800Finally, Clarkson didnt let the chance to pass to criticize the Hyundai i800 and said "better give me a camel for day to day". Adding that it is a boring, slow, ugly and horrible car.

Our apologies to the cars who had made Jeremy Clarkson's list? Do you agree? 

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