Chevrolet Dealership In Detroit Gets Robbed, 48 Cars Left Without Wheels

Aug 26, 2016 06:39 AM EDT | Leian N.


Last Sunday night, the Chevrolet dealership based in Tyler, Texas was robbed by still unidentified suspects who took four long hours to steal $200,000 worth of wheels off new vehicles in the inventories section.

As reported by Automotive News, the Chevy dealership at Tyler, Texas is now unable to sell about 48 cars in their dealership because they lacked substantial parts which were stolen last Sunday night - $200,000 worth of rims.

A police reported prepared by Public Information Officer Don Martin of the Tyler Police Department manifested that due to the dark surroundings of the Chevrolet dealership when the robbery occurred, they were unable to determine how many suspects were involved in the crime.

Furthermore, he also manifested that the robbers took four long hours to complete the deed. It was said that a large box truck arrived at the scene around 20 minutes after the robbers broke in. The said truck was used as transport for the stolen wheels.

Furthermore, according to Left Lane News, the 48 vehicles which now lacked their wheels were said to be positioned inside the Perlier inventory stock lock and broke the locked gate to get the materials. They were also able to break the light system which was normally on when the dealership is closed.

The vehicles that are now without wheels and rims are the Chevrolet dealership's best-selling units such as Camaros, Traverses, and several trucks. In fact, some units were also damaged when the cars were left with only blocks to support their weight.

The said incident was not a first in Tyler, Texas, reported Jalopnik. Dealerships such as the Wagner Cadillac was also robbed of wheels from 20 of its cars way back 2014. In fact, since 2014, robbery in dealerships have been rampant and the Chevy dealership robbery was 14th since then.

The Chevrolet dealership robbery that occurred last Sunday was said to be one of a series of the works of a professional crime group in Texas for it has been the 14th incident since 2014 and with similar items being lost during such robberies.

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