A Ride From Hell? Supercar Inferno Production Begins This Year

Aug 24, 2016 07:56 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

When the "Inferno" - Mexico's  latest exotic supercar was introduced last year, it was questioned by a lot of people in the car industry and believes that this supercar concept will never happen. Today, prepare for a hell of a ride as the Inferno is ready to release its 1400hp power as manufacturers confirm that production will begin this year.

Carbuzz sat down with chief marketing director, Manuel Llaguno and he confirmed that the radical model has finally received enough funds  to see the light. Only eleven will be manufactured for the first edition models and pricing is estimated to be at 2.2 million dollars each car.

The Inferno is being developed by local engineers in Mexico but the production will all be based in Italy as the primary designer Antonio Ferrioli is heading production and he is an Italian car maker behind various concepts for Lamborghini such as the Asterion, the Venom Coupe, the Aventador SV and the Reventon Roadster. With Italian styling and Mexican engineering, the Inferno is expected to be a reckon in the super car industry. 

The looks of the Inferno is interesting enough for all car enthusiasts with extreme design inspired by Dante's Inferno and a lot of aerodynamic parts from renowned brands. However the most interesting thing about the car is that this will have a new patented material that can mark a breakthrough in the automotive industry. 

Apparently, the body will be made ​​of a mixture of zinc, aluminum and silver  known as "metal foam". Logically, the company behind the project holds a patent for the material . This new material benefits from great strength and low density. To give you an idea, the density of steel is 7,600 kg / m3 while the density of the metal foam is only 4,300 kg / m3.

This means that the model will offer  a level of security similar to an armored Level 4 yet be lighter substantially, with a total weight not reaching 1,200 kg. To make matter greater, the Inferno this is complemented by a motor V8 biturbo of a known automaker to be revealed with the start of production and be able to develop 1,400 hp and 1,525 Nm of torque. This mechanism will make the Inferno car reach 395 km / h to launch the vehicle from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2.7 seconds. 

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