Tesla Cars: 5 Reasons The Tesla Minibus Is The Next Big Thing

Aug 24, 2016 07:40 AM EDT | Eve C.


Tesla has been a hot topic among the car enthusiast and other media outlets. Amidst the controversy, the company continues to wow the public with the release of another anticipated vehicle, the Tesla Minibus.

The name appeals to the nostalgic people of the 60's and 70's where mini buses were a big thing. Since the trend is just circulating over the years, Tesla must have taken the opportunity to reintroduce the model to the millennials.

CEO Elon Musk reportedly confirmed that the Tesla Minibus will be unveiled next year by addressing a news from Jalopnik. The website reported that the upcoming model will sport a Volkswagen-inspired design.

"Some good guessing by @Jalopnik. The Tesla Minibus will be built on a Model X chassis. People density potential is surprisingly high," Musk wrote on Twitter recently.

According to Fortune, the Tesla Minibus is supported by the Model 3 chassis. This signifies that the reborn model will be modern as well. On the other hand, Elektrek quotes Musk stating the phase of the production.

"In the development of a vehicle, there's a long phase in the beginning of the development that involves a lot of time, but not a lot of costs. It's when you are tuning up for production that the cost starts to increase dramatically." 

Since we are talking about this latest variant, the public might want to know what is it for them. Well, those who love to wish traveling back in time but want a modern car, the Tesla Minibus might be perfect for you.

Here are the 5 reason why Tesla Minibus might be the next big thing; courtesy of Car Scoops:

1. The stylish but in-the-loop vehicle, which is smaller than a regular bus. may help reduce the congestion in traffic.

2. The cabin must be spacious because the batteries should be installed in a floor and would be operated at the front or/and back.

3. The Tesla Minibus could be a semi or fully autonomous car.

4. Since the designed could be derived from the Volkswagen model, the public should expect eye-catching exterior.

5. The purported model must be good for family and camping trips as well as group vacation.

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