Apple Car Features: Electric Vehicle Will Have A 'Hollow Battery'?

Aug 22, 2016 06:20 AM EDT | Eve C.


Apple has been creating a buzz on the Internet for the upcoming new product- the Apple car. Sources claim that the Cupertino-based company is developing their own version of the electric car's battery.

According to the South Korean outlet ET News, Apple is may be working on "cylindrical, hollow lithium-ion batteries."  This could be designed specially for the upcoming autonomous vehicle.

Notably, the purported battery could be a hollow battery. As per the website, the center opening is about the size of two fingers.

Furthermore, the Apple car could have an edge among other electric cars because lithium-ion batteries typically heat up from the middle and require a cooling device as a result. Hence far, there is no need for cooling devices which allows the batteries to boost.

As usual, Apple executives has been keeping their lips sealed about the so-called "Project Titan." What is known by the website is that there are no more than two dozen employees working on the battery.

A highest- ranking official told the outlet that "Because we made an NDA with Apple, we cannot discuss any information regarding this project," quotes another ET News article. 

Meanwhile, according to BGR, Apple started this million-dollar project by hiring thousands of employees. The company must be making sure that experts and dedicated labor workers are part of the development team.

Apple's Bob Mansfield lead the creative team behind the upcoming Apple Car product. The company has been popular for developing high-quality products like the iPhones, iPad, iMac, MacBook, and Apple watches, among others. Hence, the capacity to create an electric vehicle may be successful as well.

The public might be surprised about the latest vehicle and its capacity to wow and impress. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the Apple Car here at AutoWorldNews.

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