Rimac's Concept One Hypercar Beats the LaFerrari in Quarter Mile Drag Race

Aug 19, 2016 11:00 AM EDT | Sovan Mandal


Drag races are always a thing to watch, more so if it involves some of the biggest names from the automotive industry. Case in point, when the likes of the Tesla Model S P90D or the LaFerrari engaged in a slugfest with a Rimac Concept One recently.

Now a Rimac Custom One might not have a big automotive lineage to its credit. However, it's out to create one as the Croatian company fines tunes its all-electric hypercar as it approaches its commercial launch sometime soon.

Also, even it might still be a no-name against its more illustrious rivals; the Concept One does have impressive figures to its credit. It boasts of 1072hp and 1180ft-lbs of torque rating derived from the four electric motors sitting atop each wheel.

Those are enough to propel the car to 62mph from standing still in a mere 2.6 secs. The 0 to 124mph dash is completed in 6.2 secs while the 186 mph mark is reached in 14.2 secs. Top speed is electronically limited to 220 mph, AutoEvolution repored. Power for the Custom One comes from a 82kWh battery.

So much for all its sprinting abilities, each of the Custom One hypercar will set one back an astronomical $980,000. That's not all as there is going to be just eight of these ever built, further adding to its exclusivity.

As for the race, the Model S was simply no match to the Rimac Concept One even with the ludicrous mode. The Croatian hypercar simply outran the Tesla by miles. Concept One dominated the entire race, right from the start-off to the finish.

The LaFerrari did pose some sort of a challenge though that was all it could do. Both were quick off the mark though the Concept One managed to hold on to the lead comfortably. That might be a bit demeaning to LaFerrari's stature of being the most powerful from the Italian company though the fact is, it still couldn't stop the Ferrari from tailing the Concept One instead of leading it. And the Ferrari got beaten not once but twice, as AutoGuide states.

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