Music Producer K-Solo Admits He Does Not Have A Car?

Aug 16, 2016 06:20 AM EDT | Eve C.

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One of the stereotypes being in the music industry is living fancy. But for music producer K-Solo, it is the other way around in Nigeria. 

The 48-year old musician was one of the most popular rappers and producers in the U.S.A. during the nostalgic era of the 90's. His most famous hits were "You're Mom is My Business" and "Spellbound." He still writes songs until now.

According to Vanguard, the rapper helped produce songs for Nigerian artists like Timaya and Kefee. But aside from recognition, he laments that some of the music producers in the country do not even own a vehicle.

He empathizes on the situation that some of the talented producers as well were not able to get the reward that they deserve. Thus far, K-Solo opened up about the situation in the music industry.

"Music producers don't get their due recognition. It's beyond producing a song. I started the voice signature concept for the songs I produced before every other producer started it," he said.

"Aside that, we don't get any other recognition. Check out many artistes in Nigeria, most of them have big houses and drive good cars, but these young music producers have nothing," the artist continued.

The rapper added that most of them don't even have a car despite their hard work for making the singers and artists famous. "The biggest accolade you get as a music producer is accompanying a popular artist to an event, that's it," he further explained.

He also compared the life of producers in the North America to Nigeria. Being a producer in the United States is enough to live in luxury while being a producer on the latter is the opposite.

He did not confirm that he does not have a car or a brand new one. Thus far, he still might have the Range Rover Sport HSE which he bought in 2013, noted Information Nigeria.

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