New Suspension Energy Regeneration Technology Developed By Audi Motors

Aug 12, 2016 06:51 AM EDT | Jomar Teves

It is important to know that the force in braking is not really just the one that can be gained from the movement of the car. Thermoelectric technology is something that will recover the energy that is released from hot surfaces, just like the ones that is from the exhaust. Now, Audi develops a new technology that does the same thing , as it recovers the lost energy coming from the suspension of the vehicles.

The new technology that Audi is making is named eROT, and is still considered as a prototype. It depends on the electromechanical rotary dampers that is used instead of the hydraulic dampers that are used in almost every suspension shock absorbers.

There is an arm that is from the wheel support that is connected directly to the gear unit which helps in the transition of the up and down movements of the wheels when it is turning. A generator is necessary to convert the motion into electricity.

The previous version of a similar technology features a generator that is used in tandem with the shock absorbers.

Stefan Knirsch, a high-ranking official in Audi Research and Development says, "Every pothole, every bump, every curve induces kinetic energy in the car. Today's dampers absorb this energy, which is lost in the form of heat... we put this energy to use."

The system is even said to work in reverse, thereby helping the suspension to be in sync with the irregular surfaces of the roads. It will then be a suspension that gives more comfort, reliability, and control, thereby paving the way for future vehicles to improve its standards in the road.

The new technology also makes heavy and space consuming shock absorbers to be obsolete, as it only needs a small amount of space, enabling more storage space for lower and smaller vehicles.

However, Audi has still not released a public statement as to when this new suspension technology will be used. Moreover, it is still very possible as Audio is tapping into the electric vehicle industry.

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