Chaotic Traffic Adds To Rio Olympics Dilemma

Aug 11, 2016 07:40 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe


The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that started last August 5, 2016 is now encountering heaps of dilemma including the Zirka Virus, robberies, people being mugged and the latest of them, Traffic congestion.

Although it may seem that when a city is chosen as an ambassador for the Olympic Games it means that it is more than ready to host it. But this is not always the case as behind the paraphernalia mounted to give a good image of the city, there are still plenty of problems including traffic jams that even cause athletes or organizers to arrived late in the event. This is even with that new traffic lines and additional lanes or special lanes that can only be use by people who facilitates, participates and who will watch the Olympics are planned and given for the special event. 

Many athletes say they have taken up to  three hours on a trip that usually takes them half an hour in their country. Other athletes even prompted to take alternative methods to go around Rio de Janeiro including the subway, which is according to Brazil natives is the safest means of transport in their country. The subway runs through the city from north to south with its two lines covering 42 km of journey in total. The Dutch team was prepared coming to the Olympics and had brought their own bikes which they used to beat the traffic in Rio, Brazil.

According to authorities, this traffic is not even the worst, in fact, it is better. As it is Rio, a city with 6.5 million inhabitants using transportation and even have difficulty in parking, the traffic will always be chaotic.

On a positive note, the state of the roads and its cleanliness is acceptable and in a great condition. Improvements and reconstructions was made in recent years were done to host the Olympics. A thing that Brazilians will enjoy and make use of after the Olympics.

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