Uber Pursues Its Driverless Car Technology Further

Aug 09, 2016 10:30 AM EDT | Jomar Teves

If one is planning to create driverless cars, he or she needs more than mere car parts and a computer. A car that drives on its own also needs to know its whereabouts in real time.

It leads to the conclusion that driverless cars need to have its own maps. The maps that is very good.

The vice president at Uber and an expert in geospatial data visualization, Brian McClendon said, "With autonomous vehicles, maps are going to be fundamental."

He added, "And the maps that are needed for autonomous vehicles are beyond anything that's being created today by any third party."

According to Uber, the "third party" is expected to be Google, on where the vice president has worked on maps for many years and which Uber depends on for the inner workings of its service.

The interface of Uber was created on the Google Maps API and it was noted that the drivers of Uber have the choice to directly navigate in the Google maps when they are driving.

But in the country of China, Uber is affiliated with Baidu, another search giant and not Google.

However, since the company of Uber is providing research about cars that do not need drivers, they should rely more on Google since Google is an expert in this area.

But it created a logistic issue. McClendon has also said that "Uber itself has a different set of needs than Google did (when it created its own maps)." "Some things we need, Google doesn't have. We need to figure out how to improve, and build a service based on those improvements," he added.

But what everyone should know is that staying away from the competitive group of Silicon's Valley most controlling and might companies that are racing towards creating driverless cars is a must.

Many people are researching and creating prototypes on the cars that do not need drivers.

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