Pokemon GO Update: Read Pokevision's Open Letter To Niantic After Third Party App Cracks Down

Aug 04, 2016 08:00 AM EDT | Eve C.


Niantic has done a huge update last weekend that also banned some of the biggest third party applications that players used in Pokemon GO. This sudden change has sent the community into a frenzy, claiming that Pokevision and other tracking systems have helped them to catch 'em all more than the legitimate game developers could.

Pokevision's proprietor Yang Liu has been quiet about the ban. However, he broke his silence by writing an open letter to John Hanke and Niantic. He asked if the company could still allow the gamers to use their developed mechanics, which is comparably the same as with Niantic.

The open letter is more than a thousand words long, but Kotaku highlights the astonishing number of "unique people" that are depending on Pokevision. So far, Lui wrote that it falls around 50 million.

Kindly read the whole letter here.

If that is the case, it only shows that most of the players are relying on their system to haunt a Pokemon. Thus far, that must be the reason why many of the Pokemon GO subscribers are not pleased about the major update.

On the other hand, Liu also brought up the argument about "cheating."  According to the tech website, it was not the case of the people wanted to "gain an upper hand." If the majority of the users depends on the third party tracking system, there must be a problem within Niantic's own set of mechanics for Pokemon GO.

For the benefit of the readers, Niantic opted out the "Nearby" feature, which allows the players to see how many steps they need to make just to catch a Pokemon. However, after a series of glitch, the company decided to pull it out for good.

This, aside from the removing Pokevision, Pokehound Inc., and the likes, made the players so pissed. It has even reached to the point where they were asking Apple App Store and Google Play for a refund. You can read some of the rants at the Pokemon GO Reddit community forums.

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