Pokemon GO Metallica Mashup: Watch Epic Performance Here

Jul 30, 2016 07:00 AM EDT | Eve C.


Do you love metal music and Pokemon GO at the same time? Well, this could be a great news. Metallica is said to have a metal version of the Pokemon GO theme song.

Niantic successfully launched the augmented reality game in July. But the game only took hours before it became a massive trend.

The game continues to sweep every nation from the young to the young at heart. The developer was able to engage the people into the mechanics that require mobility and perseverance.

In return, various version of its theme song has been remade. According to Metal Injection, Metallica follows the trend by doing a cover.

Well, not really, but an avid fan was creative enough to do a mashup of Pokemon GO theme and the metal band. Those who are excited to listen may directly click the YouTube video here.

Meanwhile, BBC reported that a player claims to have caught all Pokemon GO characters in the U.K. According to the report, Sam Clark boasted online that he had caught 143 virtual characters within Southampton and Gosport.

The player exclaimed that he spent every single minute playing the game since Niantic released the game on July 6. Additionally, he went on to reveal that he lost weight while catching 'em all.

Aside from completing all the UK character, Mr. Clark also revealed that he obtained Tauros- which is an exclusive in the U.S., by hatching an egg.

"This is the game I've waited for 20 years. It's taken this long for the technology to catch up," he said.

Furthermore, it appears that Pokemon GO has really captured the hearts of the people, especially those who grew up watching Ashton Ketchum and Pikachu in small screens during the late 90's.

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