Uber Drivers Resort To Violence Over Employment Rights; Drivers Paid Below Minimum Wage?

Jul 21, 2016 05:54 AM EDT | Shilpa Chakravorty

Famous cab hire service Uber was recently found guilty of not offering holiday and sick pay, according to two of its drivers, in a London employment tribunal.

Uber, the cab rental service that allows users to book and pay for a cab through a smartphone app, is used by almost 2 million London residents.

The case centers around the fact that the drivers consider themselves as worker or employees, but according to Uber they are self employed, reported BBC UK.

Notably, this is the first time Uber experienced a lawsuit in UK over the employment details of the drivers. The two test cases, which will also determine additional 17 claims against the cab hire service, has been brought in the tribunal by law firm Leigh Day on behalf of GMB Union.

The cases involve two Uber drivers James Farrar and Yaseen Aslam. According to Farrar, who has been driving for Uber since December 2014, mentioned that at some months, he had earned less than £5 an hour.

"Working for Uber is my job. I do not run a private hire business. I do not have a service company. I do not advertise 'driving services', I have no one working for me, I have only one car licensed with TfL for private hire work and I only drive for Uber," Farrar mentioned.

He went on to say that although Uber suggests that he is running his own business and Uber is a customer, yet it does not reflect the daily reality of the job. He was unsure of the services provided by Uber, reported The Guardian.

Uber's lawyer, David Reade, argued that the drivers had a choice about their work - there was nothing to stop Farrar working for more than one operator at the same time, and that he was free to turn off the Uber app.

However, Farrar said if he ignored more than two bookings sent on the app, he was logged out and put in a "penalty box", where he was unable to work for 10 minutes.

The case is due to last until Tuesday, and a decision on whether Uber is acting unlawfully is unlikely to be given by the judge for several weeks.

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